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Numb thumb

Hello knotters!

I'm a newbie at both this community and knitting in general. My very first project is a Doctor Who season 16 scarf. Due to my lack of experience, the first few rows were very tight and it's something I'm learning to stop doing because I'm fighting for each eye when it's at its tightest.

I'm really working on getting it done fast because I'd like to make my brother in law another one of his own for his birthday. I'll do knitting sessions for several hours straight (in front of my favorite shows or on the bus etc.). This leads to very cramped hands but more worryingly - the tip of my thumb is growing quite numb.
It's kind of like something between the feeling of touch through very thick skin (like on your ankle, for example) and a bit painful.

Is this something that happens a lot to beginners or caused by how I'm struggling (now much less than before) over each eye?

Thanks in advance for any answers and tips!
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Okay ladies, I have a question for you.

What are your favourite uses for one skein? Or projects you've concocted with the scraps and leftovers of yarn?

Okay, go.

Latest Project

I'm working on this in a black soy silk from Southwest Trading Company

I'll have to post a pic when I'm done. It's coming along quickly!

What are you crafting as of late?


I went looking for a knitting community and decided to join this one because it  seemed the friendliest and erm I think the word to use here is modest? Just like nothing to prove and not trying to be anything it's not.
Just thought I'd introduce myself with me being new and all.  My current knitting project is on my blog if you'd like to see it, it's a work in progress! The brand of wool isn't luxury or a designer brand or anything well known I don't think, it just says 'Sonnet Traditional Wool' so if anybody wants the code or wants to buy it I have no idea where to get it from apart from my local market!

I was just wondering if anyone has a pattern or knows of a website which has a pattern like this:


for free? and if no one does do you think I could just made a poncho/wrap and a hood and then just sew them together!?


My third scarf....

Over the Thanksgiving holidays I managed to get this one done...took me only a few days...

I used Lion Brand Homespun in Colonial
closeup hereCollapse )
It's just a really pretty mixture of blues. I made this one for a friend in Northern Ireland....really hope he likes it!
Now I'm working on another scarf....I'll post pics when it's done....


Wanted to share with you some pictures of my second attempt at knitting a scarf....

moreCollapse )
I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Pumpkin. It's a very thick & fluffy sort of yarn. I got mad because I thought it was too fluffy & stopped working on it....for a whole year....I almost unraveled it, but then I just decided to finish it & put some fringe on it.
I wont be using that yarn for scarfs again....unless I make it differently. Again....I have NO IDEA what stitch I used (backward purl something or other)....despite the trouble it gave me....I like it. :o)


I've been a member of this group for a while, but haven't posted any pics.....I made this scarf over a year ago...

More Here!Collapse )
It took me about a month & a half to make. It was my first knitting project...I tried to keep it simple, but that kind of yarn to start off with isn't really simple....I just fell in-love with the colors. Reminds me of the trees along the road in the fall....
I can cast on & off....but I have a hard time following instructions...so the stitch in the middle...I'm not sure what it is....a backwards purl maybe???
It was difficult but fun. I need a little more practice I think. I actually started another one right after I finished this one....and it made me so mad I put it down...and I JUST NOW finished it....I'll post pics of it later.

holiday knitting has commenced

I'll be making gifts for friends and family this holiday so I've already got a few things made and put away, several things in progress, and a ton more to make. Not sure how I'll get it all done, but I'm giving it the old college try.

In progress:

1. A really cool poncho. It's a Sirdar Bigga Yarn pattern and my first experience with cabling. It's coming along well so far.

2. A fun little scarf and hat using Bernat Bling. I don't have a photo of the pattern. It's sort of a mishmash of a scarf pattern here, a hat pattern there. But here's a photo of the yarn. It reminds me of Mardi Gras.

3. A really neat little hood/hat pattern I picked up from Lion Brand Yarn's free patterns. I have one of these in progress with plans to make three more.

What do you guys have going on?