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Knitting in progress

I thought I'd post a couple of images of two of my knitting projects in progress.  I now tag each of you to do the same.  ;)  

This is my Victorian Lace scarf that I've been working on for a bit.  It's from Victorian Lace Today and the yarn I'm using is Handmaiden Seasilk - the color is Ocean.  It's a dream to work with and so soft!  I had initially wanted to use this yarn in a shawl but holding 5 dpns made me want to stab myself in the eyes.

And this is my ongoing project.  I pick this up whenever I'm tired of whatever I'm working on or if I'm between projects.  It's the Lizard Ridge Blanket with Noro Kureyon.  This thing takes 22 skeins so it's going to take a while.  I bought 10 skeins of it so I have enough to get almost halfway through before I have to purchase more.  The cool thing is the dye lot isn't going to matter much, so that takes a lot of the pressure off me with regard to getting all the yarn together.

Ok, your turn!

I knit on the World's Largest Sock!

Knitting excitement! 

This past Tuesday I popped into my lys after work to pick up the new Vogue Knitting, and lo and behold there it lay: The World's Largest Sock. Begun by a woman in England, the Big Sock is traveling the globe and, when complete, will hold the Guiness World's Record for Largest Hand Knit Sock. Eleven people can work on the sock at once, and the round consists of 1,500 stitches. I knit on the sock for an hour, which involved changing seats three times to follow my needles around.

Reporters from the AJC and the Marietta Daily Journal were present, and I was interviewed by the latter, but all that made it into the paper was my name.

checking in

This group has been far too quiet. So let's do something about that...

What are you guys working on? I still have my Lizard Ridge blanket in progress. That thing will take me years to finish. I pick it up when I'm between projects. I've also given up on my A Gathering of Lace spiral shawl. I've tried using two circulars and I've also tried 5 dpns. Either I do something wrong or the stiches fall off the needles. I'm done with it for now. It's stressing me out too much. So - I started a really gorgeous lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today. Hopefully this one will be enjoyable and not a source of angst! LOL!

Ok, what about you guys?

Sum sum summertime projects

What are you guys working on this summer? I'm still struggling with 5 dpns as I attempt to do the spiral shawl from A Gathering of Lace.

Oh my...

I just received my copy of Gedifra Highlights Knitting Book 071 Spring/Summer 2007. Holy cow... The patterns are stunning. And the directions are really confusing... at least for a novice like me. I think I'll need help with these.

But oh-so-pretty.
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Please feel free to post or to comment

Swamp Witch Shawl

As promised, the Swamp Witch Shawl with Manos del Uruguay 'Woodlands' yarn...


I finished a really cool shawl project over the weekend. I had started on it a few weeks back but put it down to work on practicing my lace patterns. Anyway, I started back on it last thursday and finished it yesterday. I used that gorgeous Manos del Uruguay yarn I bought a while back:

Anyway, I'll try and post a photo tonight. The shawl was based on this pattern. I wasn't crazy about her color scheme but I really liked the design. I think it turned out really pretty.

What are you guys working on these days?

Knotty Girls Night - POSTPONED

Due to the forecast of severe storms in the Atlanta area tomorrow evening we are postponing Knotty Girls Night. Tentative reschedule date is April 28th. Evite pending...

If you're on this list and are or will be in the Atlanta area and would like to attend one of our little gatherings, drop me an email.